Xavi:Laporta reveals why he is scared of appointing Xavi as Barcelona manager


Going back to the presidential campaign period, I could remember Mr Font (visionary man) said he would try to build a project that would last for 10 years and has Xavi to sparehead the project but many fans believed he was using Xavi to gained audience and attention while Mr LAPORTA (political man) never gave us any project and mocked Mr visionary that “hope he would make Xavi the head of basketball team as well” (smile).

Now reality set in, Barca team are in great shambles with no leader to sparehead or motivate them both on and off the pitch.

Our President is afraid to appoint Xavi as the new head team coach, so people won’t reminding him of how he disagree with Mr Font back then and also trying to hide behind the SUPER LEAGUE PROJECT which in the first place, the major distraction that led Bartomeu adminstration into a disaster.

Laporta is following the same process now and we are seeing the results already and I hope by the end of the season, without any changes to the coaching staffs, Barca won’t be the ARSENAL OF SPAIN, fighting for EUROPA LEAGUE.

If we seek excellence at Barcelona again, Xavi is the right man to give it to us because He is a super intelligent player, not only at a football level, but also academically (La masia product) and disciplinary. He is highly gifted, and that is reflected on his Qatari team. The young lad will have a fast learning process from him and he would mould our midfield back into the powerhouse it has always been.

XAVI a FONT campaign LAPORTA is avoiding.

Forca Barca!!!


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