Xavi reveals why rules are important: 6 training habits he could take over from Guardiola

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Xavi says rules are important: 6 training habits he could take over from Guardiola

On multiple occasions today, Xavi has said that the team should follow a set of rules they are yet to adopt and implement at the club.

He possibly refers to Pep Guardiola who has always had certain restrictions in training sessions at Barcelona and Manchester City.

Here is the list of rules the Catalan coach reportedly had throughout his managerial career.


1. No junk food.

2. Focus on pasta, rice, meat, fish, yoghurts, cereals and fruit.

Extreme punctuality

1. Players have to arrive at the training base an hour before the training sessions begins.

2. If they are late, they are fined.

Mobile phone ban

Players should give up on using mobile phones during training in order to develop team chemistry and isolate themselves from what’s happening in the world.


1. There’s a complete wardrobe for each player and they could only take clothes from it.

2. Dressing differently means getting fined.

Communicating with fans

1. The important thing is to be loyal and try not to deny the fans’ requests, especially when it comes to autographs.

2. Negative public statements towards the club supporters aren’t allowed.

Locker room atmosphere

1. All team problems should be fixed right in the locker room.

2. Talking about a teammate in a negative way and leaking the problem to the media isn’t allowed.

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