Why you shouldn’t marry someone who behaves like you.

Mmmmmm I don’t know. Another me to deal with. I think I need a polar

opposite of me. I sleep on the right n he sleeps on the right…who will sleep

on the left? I like the head of the fish he also likes the head of the fish,

who will eat the tail? Mmmm it will be a marriage of compromise on

almost everything. Lol I would be happy with half me so that we have

certain things in common not all. My partner and I are polar opposites on

everything except religion n Politics n we are reasonably very happy. Lol

Nooo. I’m the shy type and very reserved so I wouldn’t want to marry

someone who is also shy. He should help bring out the shyness in me

No very very stubborn and I don’t like some one to chit me and I can talk

but very smart and intelligent but quickly get angry so I need some one better than me .

No. I can’t marry a man that behaves like a woman. And again his level of

reasoning must be higher than mine. We must not think alike all the time.

It will be a boring experience, we are two different personalities, our

behaviour should be different likewise.

Very wrong to marry someone that behaves like you…..there will be


Marry someone that will complement you. That’s the best . Thank you


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