Why you should know the past life your partner lived before you met each other

My brother you lied,you have to know the past for there may be something

to correct, you must know what ended the previous relationship before

you become the next victim, but anyways since you said you love what you

see I won’t blame you,that’s the error our generation have,love base on

what they see,hear and know,that’s why we have many seeing but

seriously they are blind

This is really situational.
People may not change over night.

You want to be sure your spouse who had 50 girl friends is really changed

What you see may be deceptive

You need to be sure that they aren’t going back to drugs as former drug addicts.

The past may not be important if a person has turned a new life

Still, we cannot underrate it

But always remember, that past will manifest in the future and you will

suffer it, don’t later complain to me,why did you not tell me

I think the past sometimes you only need to know bcoz it may help you

shape the present and future but never refer faults to the past

You better mind, otherwise people don’t easily change.

So knowing some of their past helps you to know how to handle them


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