Why it’s wrong to rush into marriage

The problem you ladies normally have is that some of you are

not yet ready before you say yes.
If you are not yet ready and you say yes to a man

that is not yet ready too means both are in uniform

if you match each other face no story for that .

The opposite side of it will be strong and 90% of it will have

a successful marriage and home .

Can I ask something,

are women not strong enough to get pregnant by choice?

because we are economically empowered, we can afford

our own properties, our own cars and all, in this era

we should be the one’s wanting babies

knowing we doing it for ourselves,

I mean we can raise our own children,

no one needs approval of a man,

we need to plan our lives in our own special way,

economical empowerment is key,

if he leaves that’s his business because

as a woman you won’t loose anything.


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