Why a man should never hit his wife.

Oh no!. Leave alone being pregnant even when not!. You can’t beat your

wife at ALL!. Men who do so end up poor in their old age. You can’t beat a

grown woman otherwise you are cursing your hands to fail to sustain

wealth. You may be wealthy today but your wealth fly away at your old age!!!

That is madness dignified!How could a man beat himself?Or doesnt he

know that beating his wife is equalled to beating himself?the bible

says,and they come together and become one flesh. So whatever you do

to your wife be it good or bad will go back you in the same fold. May the

Lord help our ladies oooo to choose their future husbands wisely ooo.

Most men outside there are not husband materials pooo. Ladies,be wise

for once!A man who beats his wife is an infidel…not talk of when the

woman is pregnant. At times i wonder if the men that beat their wives are

part of those created in the image of God. Ladies,be wise. A word is

enough for the wise. Shalom!

Marriage is coming together to build a home, the reason u must not beat

your wife,you and her did not grow up together in d same family, you

people come together to learn, understand and to know each other, you

must not beat her because you and your wife is now one flesh, so if are

you beating her, you are beating yourself,see if your wife offend you is not

by beating,go out from the house, later in the day you come back, by dem

her sense will come to stay,dem call her seat her down in your bedroom

ask her what made her to do such thing she did, speak word’s into her dat

will make her change for good,not by using negative word’s, okay if you

beat her now dat thing inside of her dat made her to do it,will the thing go

out no, the only remedy to it, is the word of God that can change her for


There is a way u can handle such a man.

They say quite is the best answer given to a fool.

Some women talks too much! Before a man will say a word they hv

already said ten. No man beats a woman for just no reason except that

man is a drunkard.pls nobody should quote me wrong here oh, I never said

it right for a man to beats a woman, but on the second hand let learn to

keep our mouth shut n don,t react to everything a man say


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