What’s your relationship personality?

Understanding how we act in relationships (and why) is no simple thing. 

We all have different ways of being when it comes to forming and maintaining relationships – behaviours that are as unique to you as any other aspect of your personality. 

However, relationship practitioners have identified certain sets of behaviours that do crop up in different individuals time and again. They call these behaviours ‘attachment styles’. 

Your attachment style describes the ways in which you are likely to behave in relationships – how you might act when it comes to things like commitment, communication, maintaining boundaries and so on. In other words, how you feel about the process of being ‘attached’ to someone else. 

And while they are by no means a hard and fast way of understanding everything about your relationships – and no one person follows any attachment style 100% – they can offer clues as to why you might make certain decisions or feel certain ways – especially if these are decisions or feelings that are cropping up repeatedly. 

If you’d like to find out about your attachment style, take our quiz. The following questions are designed to help you figure out how you might be relating to others, and what that might mean when it comes to staying happy and healthy in your relationships. 


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