Waist beads, women looking sexy is not a sin” – Nigerian pastor

A Nigerian pastor identified as Oluyemi Fasipe has taken to social media to state that women dressing to look sexy is not a sin.

According to the clergyman, whose Twitter bio reads ‘Igbalode pastor’ a Yoruba word that means ‘modern pastor’, stated that he loves waist beads, leg chains and multiple ear piercings on women and wouldn’t consider women who wears them as sinners.

Taking to micro-blogging platform Twitter, he wrote,

“I am a Pastor; I love waist beads, I love leg chains, I love multiple ear piercings and light make-up. Women looking sexy is not a sin. Slay it”.

His tweet was however not well received by Christians on the platform who criticized his doctrine.

A Twitter user @oga_charles wrote, “Calling yourself a pastor does not really make you a pastor in church of Christ that is led by the holy spirit bcoz even the church of Satan has a pastor too, just saying, not judging”.

@slimoffy wrote, “Which kind Pastor you be, Specify!!!”.

@iffect_07 wrote,

“U could have just said u are an individual that loves d aforelisted. I dont understand why people tend to bring in religion coloration to drive a point home. Its the same way lotta folks are out there saying ; “The Lord spoke to me” wen dey just saying what everyone knows already”.


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