Valuable Educational counselling for Elites


According to Team Leverage Edu, Educational Counselling mainly refers

to providing assistance and guidance to students in making the right

choices in their studies, be it their educational plans, career aspirations,

choice of stream and specialization as well as the selection of college or

university as per their interests and preferences.

This encompasses: education guidance and counselling, vocational

counselling and career counselling. These salient socio-cultural issues

are addressed by an Education Counsellor: a well-mannered and highly

motivated person who is interested in the lives of students and can help

them make informed decisions on what they want for their lives. Every

institution of learning should have such a person who advices students

and sees them through their application process for the next successful

leap of their lives and career.


1). Clarity: Clarity is seen in the precise and informed

decision making of a person relative to choice and needs. When a child is

properly counselled, he gains clarity and is better equipped to choose a

necessary academic and career task that would shape their lives in

positive ways.
2). Self-Evaluation: During counselling, the student will be asked some

very vital and nuanced questions about themselves that would enable

them evaluate their lived and become better acquainted with who they are.

Understanding the sincerity in one’s person would enable them make

choices that are better suited for their personality. This would drive their

passion and determination to succeed.

3). It enables students to foresee challenges in their career and

professional path, and develop alternatives to prepare for them.

4). It creates confidence in a person as they know what they want and how

to get it.
5). It creates a room for improvement by inspiring the student to work on

their flaws which is a disturbing factor to where they want to be and who

they want to become.

Choosing a career path can be a herculean task to anyone coming of age

and responsibility in life. There are a myriad of glaring opportunities that

students would love to do — some would even love to do all— but may be

lacking in the chief requirements to undergo such plan.

Students who are properly counselled do better than people who have

little or no knowledge about life outside their environment. Educational

counselling provides pragmatic approach to effectively deal with

mediocrity which is an impending doom, and stems from ignorance about

choosing a career path. Actively engaging students in Educational

Counselling programs would produce a society of confident citizens and

working populace who know what is at stake, and how to creatively

engineer a progressive workable society of equity and peace…


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