The key to a perfect relationship.

Let me tell you something

if you don’t want your partner to cheat on you you need to

put something that is missing in place

at times you can just dress crazy if it attracts your partner so much

at times you can dress well if you think that is what will attract your

partner so much everybody has preference so you need to find out what

your partner really want from you

at times you don’t care you just live your life the way you want to

complaining this one is happening and you don’t understand how your

relationship is going I know it’s your fault you dont care about

the little things that mean a lot to your relationship

therefore you need to sit down and think very well

you need to have your relationship

so if you’re doing everything to impress yourself you’re not in a

relationship you need to consider how your partner feels

what your partner likes and you need to do those things for him or her

therefore considering the feeling of your partner is very important in a

relationship I know there’s no perfect relationship but there are better

relationships so you can make your relationship get better only if you try thank you

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