The Chelsea player with the most progressive passing this season so far

Antonio Rudiger is in the last year of his Chelsea contract, and most have accepted it’s likely he will leave at the end of the season.

That will be a huge blow on many levels. He’s a dynamic and popular figure in the dressing room, and really brings a lot of energy and passion to an otherwise quite quiet and measure squad.

He’s also an all action, full blooded defender, which always gets the fans going – and suits this formation perfectly.

But his influence on the ball can’t be underestimated either. According to FBRef’s “progressive passing ” stat, he’s moved the ball forward more than any other player in the squad this season.

His completion percentage is 89.7%, fifth highest on the team, so these aren’t aimless lumps forward.

If Rudiger goes, it will fall to Andreas Christensen, already a capable passer, to step up and start playing those longer, riskier passes.


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