Simeone: ‘I told Suarez to ask Messi if he was willing to join Atletico’

“I did not callAtletico’ Leo Messi, but I did call Luis Suarez to ask him how Messi was, if he was willing or if there was even a minimal possibility that he would come to Atletico madrid this summer,” Diego Simeone has told Diario Ole.

“But Paris Saint-Germain were obsessed with his signing soon announced his arrival.

“If you ask me where Messi should play, I would say that it should be a team that wants to win. A team that knows what to do in order to win.”

As a reminder, Barcelona announced that Leo would not continue at the club on August 5.

Back then, it was being reported that the Argentine was in a bad mood and his friend and ex-teammate Suarez spent a few days at his home to support him.

Maybe Barca were lucky that the 34-year-old ended up joining PSG, as having him in La Liga would have severely impacted their chances in the title race


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