Romantic and lovely message to keep your relationship stronger

My love
Shall I forget the Tears of a Gloomy day?

They penetrated my soul the sound you made as you cried
Shall I overlook your smiles that are so sweet?

Just a glimpse of you knocking me off my feet.
Shall I overlook the touch of your palm on my skin with your name all over my heart as it goes

Shall I forget your name as its already a path I choose.with every word I say with passion

Shall I pass a day without seeing you?

Or miss a chance to prove my feelings are true; Shall I think twice to win your heart?

Living without you will tear me apart.

shall i not recall the way your spirit kept me warmAnd how every thing keep reminding reminding me of you at midnight when I’m alone.

Your gentle breath swifts right through the most of Rose petals of the day getting through my nerves bit by bit
Shall I confess this love or wait until the next fall?

would I hold your heart or would i forever yearn for it?
I long for the day when our lips would meet, day you will be free with me just when you would be my most treasured Mundane.
Shall i live another day without saying how much I love you?Or die as a friend veiling these feelings for you




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