Ritualist, Kabiru Oyeduntan, has been arrested by the Osun State Police for allegedly killing and butchering a lady.

Osun State Police Commissioner, Wale Olokode

A night guard, Kabiru Oyeduntan, arrested for killing a mistress of his friend, was on Friday paraded before newsmen by Osun State Commissioner of Police, Wale Olokode.

Forty-year-old Oyeduntan, an indigene of Ikoyi in Osun State, allegedly committed the offence in his room in Apomu, on Thursday.

Parading the suspect with the dismembered body parts of the victim such as torso, head, limbs and genitals, Olokode said operatives from the command, acting on intelligence, apprehended Oyeduntan, but the prime suspect, simply identified as Akin, was said to be on the run.

Olokode said, “At about 9pm, upon credible information that some ritualists beheaded an unknown lady at quarry area of Apomu, a team of police operatives in collaboration with the local security outfits swiftly moved into action and arrested one Kabiru Oyeduntan ‘m’ aged 40 years of Moninun Compound, Ikoyi.

“He was arrested with the butchered body parts of a suspected lady of about 20 years of age. Meanwhile, the police, having critically looked at the severed body parts, observed that some body parts were missing.

“The police subsequently extended the investigation and conducted a search at the house of the suspected killer and recovered the head, wrist and other parts not initially found inside a box in one of the rooms of the suspect.”

Responding to questions from journalists, Oyeduntan said the victim was brought from Ibadan by his friend Akin, to his residence at Agunla Junction in Apomu, where he had sexual intercourse with her.

Oyeduntan said he only assisted his friend to hold the victim’s leg while he strangled her.

“Akin brought the deceased to my house at Agunla Junction Apomu yesterday, (Thursday). The lady is not from our area. She probably came from Ibadan. She was Akin’s girlfriend. Akin is an herbalist and my friend. After sleeping with the lady, I entered the room and he had already strangulated her. I only helped him to hold the lady’s leg.’’

“Akin told me he wanted to do a money ritual and needed some organs for the ritual. He promised that whatever I needed would be given to me, if I helped him.  I didn’t kill the woman, Akin did. I gave him a knife that he used to dismember the body and we parked it inside a box in my room.

“I was arrested when I went to town to buy Indian hemp but Akin escaped. People in the house near my house gave security men information about what I did. I am a guard,” Oyeduntan said.

Olokode said the suspect would be charged to court after the completion of investigation, adding that the fleeing prime suspect would be arrested.


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