Revealed: why Paul Pogba screamed at Benjamin Pavard during match vs. Spain

produced an impressive comeback to pick up a 2-1 over Spain and lift the UEFA Nations League trophy on Sunday.

The French side were kept under intense pressure all game long because of Spain’s intense pressing and midfielder Paul Pogba lost his cool on one occasion.

In the second half, with the game tied at 0-0, the Man United midfielder received the ball inside his penalty area.

Pogba was being pressed by multiple Spanish midfielders and looked for support from teammates to pass to.


But, right-back Benjamin Pavard strayed too far ahead and left Paul in a compromising position.


Pogba was somehow able to earn a free kick but immediately screamed at his teammate after that for failing to help him out.

Eventually, manager Didier Deschamps  had to cool down the situation and calmed down his furious midfielder from the sideline.


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