Relationship counselling for a fruitful and longlasting relationship

Building the unfettered relationship

Do you ever wonder why the inconsistency in your lovelife? you ask

yourself series of questions and end up bewildered when you can’t

comeup with an answer? Take a deep breath and ask yourself what you’re

doing wrong. Do you consciously or unconsciously seek to gain control

over your partner? These are questions you need ask and try to be honest

to yourself in your answers because it is way easier to complain and

whine about how your partner has changed than it is to checkmate your

actions, do you appreciate your partner for the little sacrifices? When last

did you hold your partner and say thank you for always been there..or

you’re seeing it as nothing, are you judgemental and self centered?

Wanting everything to go your way, without considering your partners

view? What about respect? Do you forget its place in a relationship?

These are all red flags that needs thorough scrutiny…

Giving your partner the required attention and time…And trying to be

understanding.. Sometimes we complain about our relationships not

healthy as expected yet we forget to work on these things.

Do not leave problems until they are at a point where the relationship is on

the critical list. Change is going to be required to make a difference, so

you will have to ask yourself if you are ready to change cause it might

involve major sacrifices to keep the relationship abay…accept your faults

when you are wrong and while you ask for forgiveness do all you can to

work on it, be tolerant, for you can never find a perfect being, share your

worries instead of being hostile to your partner cause of them, learn to

forgive rather than hold grudges for these are the stepping stones for a

healthy relationship…

Be honest

Communicate effectively
Listen to your partner
Spend time together
Dont play the gender role games, be spontaneous.
Be supportive
Make decisions together
Be willing to change and accept change as it come
Give a helping hand…


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