Xavi has just been appointed as Barca manager, it is very difficult a very difficult job considering hiw the squad is, so here are some reasons why we, as the fans, and the club in general needs to support the team as well as support Xavi.

1.The injury Barca players are facing.

Most of barca players have been injured this season, which seems like there is a big problem we are facing, so we need to be more patient and let all the players return…

2.Xavi is still new to the European football.. We know xavi as a player who was great in Europe.. I know managing a football in Europe is going to be difficult and Xavi needs time to adjust to some of his tactics, even when he started managing Al saad he didn’t start winning right away, itll take time for players to understand his tactics

3. No money to bring in world stars in the club right away..

Barca have a big debt, and for now itll be hard to sign world class players.. We need world class players the likes of Halaand, great defenders, a back up Goalkeeper, itll be so hard to sign this kind of players right away with this kind of debt, so we need to wait fir Xavi to overturn the situation.

4. Young stars who still need more experience to fight with big clubs with players who have more experience….

We need to support Xavi to help our young stars to help our young stars to gain confidence in order to fight again in Europe..

In the mean time.. Lets support our team.. Lets support Xavi, show him we believe in him..

We are Barca, the best club in The world.. We are going to roar again in Europe..

Up Barca


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