Portugal boss comments on Cristiano Ronaldo suspension

Ronaldo’s international boss Fernando Santos addressed Ronaldo’s suspension in his post-match press conference.

Santos said “That’s the part I don’t like at all, him being left out. But I understand. Very strong emotion, two goals, Portugal getting a result, but I think he’s already regretting it. 

“The rest we are all satisfied. But it was always going to happen. It was already tied. If not today, it could be another day. 

“Let’s decide if he stays (with the squad). Once you’re away, it doesn’t make sense to go to Azerbaijan. Taking a player in these conditions, let’s think.”

Santos did not clarify 100 per cent, but he is quite clearly leaning towards not taking Ronaldo to Azerbaijan with the rest of the squad.

It would be needless air miles for Ronaldo to clock up just to watch his team from the sidelines

Portugal have to learn to win without Ronaldo and this is an opportunity for them to do so.

There is a friendly match against Qatar in Doha on Saturday which Ronaldo is eligible for.

Unless Portugal want to practice without Ronaldo or it was already agreed he would sit that one out, then he would still be eligible to play this match.

Afterwards Ronaldo is likely to be free to leave the Portugal squad and fly to Manchester a few days early.

He could get a full week at Carrington to prepare to make his debut in the Premier League against Newcastle on Saturday September 11.


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