What better time than during the summer to really spend quality time talking with your children and encouraging open and effective communication now and throughout the year.  

Purposeful parenting is a method based on setting a specific set of goals and objectives for your family in an intentional manner that will help your child understand what is expected of him or her. 

“Purposeful parenting is so important when navigating parenthood. It embodies being intentional and adapting your approach to what most appropriately meets your child’s needs,” says Lisa Bennett, MA, LPC, ACS, Senior Program Director of Visitation Services, Acenda.  

Below are three purposeful parenting tips from Acenda clinical social workers:  

“I always remind parents to identify their child’s strengths, as this will help with self-esteem and provide confidence for future situations and experiences. Identifying strengths will enhance communication and build a stronger relationship between parents and children.” -Mackenzie Birdsall, LPC, Family Ties, Therapist/Supervisor.

Provide your children with a safe, judgement-free space to talk and share their feelings. Parents should listen, practice patience, and provide their full attention so their children feel loved and validated.” -Elizabeth Caldwell, Family Ties Program, Visit Coach

“Your perception and reality are not the same, this also true for your child. Therefore, proceed with caution with what you project on your child’s perspective.


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