My fiance is pregnant for another man and asking me for money to abort the pregnancy.

Sorry this post was having a mix up,pls hide my ID Admin and when

posted please notify me,I’m Man of 42yrs old dating a lady of 36yrs old we

have been dating for like 6yrs now but we don’t stay together we live in

the same state but different city,she sells frozen foods,i will be truthful

about this when i was jobless she had been there for me until i got a

job,so at a certain time she was evicted from her apartment i asked her to

come over to my place to stay put until she can secure another place she

said no that my place will be too far for her going to her shop so she

started squatting with a friend(female)after a while she told me she could

not longer stay with her friend cos the friend altitude towards her have

changed that she will be staying with her old classmate’s younger

brother i believed her but told her is a very thin chance for a woman

staying together with a man and no intimacy will come up she started

quarreling with me for saying that not until a year and some mths she

called me that i should help her that she is in a dilemma then i asked her

what,she said she is pregnant for the guy she is living with and was crying

on the phone that she told the guy about the pregnancy but

instead of him saying something meaningful rather he told her that he is

not responsible for the pregnancy that I’m also sleeping with her then i

asked her what she wants me to do she said i should help her with some

amount of money to add up with some amount of money she is

having to have an abortion,to be truthful for a long time even before she

started staying with the guy i have not had sex with her so she knows I’m

not responsible for the pregnancy my problem now i don’t want to give her

the money for an abortion cos what about the guy comes up and holds

me responsible that i contributed to the abortion of his baby,Already have

made up my mind not to have any relationship with her anymore but I’m

troubled inside for not giving her the money cos anytime the thought of

her she helped me when i was out of job it tears my heart,i don’t know if to

give her the money for the abortion


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