Most things married women regret doing before and after marriage

My regret in marriage is not having a business first before marriage.

I was going through training when my husband came and my plans was to own a shop after the training

but he told me not to worry about my business that he will get the shop for me

after marriage and after marriage nothing and i stayed at home for 5years.

I later realised that the man i married doesnt want me to do anything but to just be a sit at home wife.

whenever i reminded him about my shop and business he will say that a good business woman is not a good wife.

My advice get a life first before you get a man, or if he seriously needs

you in his life he should get a shop for you first before marriage.

And your husband and his family will respect you the more when you make your own money.

They will be scared of loosing you because you are an asset and not a liability.

I regreted to knowing God as much as I do now,,n even now want to go

deeper deeper in relationship with God.

God over everything 🙏

There is this confident n inner joy u have when u trust God.the feeling is unmeasurable ❤️

What I regretted doing when we newly got married was taking all his advice about me and my career hookline and sinker ,

without fighting for what I actually wanted.

As I started fighting for what I wanted he even apologized saying that my decisions were far better than his.

So sometimes, fight for what u want as a woman.

By fighting I don’t mean physical fight, I mean keep refusing what he tells u to do politely ,

and constantly give him reasons why u think ur idea is better off.


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