Moment boy confidently collects girl’s phone number in the presence of her dad (video)

ollected her phone number in her dad’s presence.

In the viral video the young girl, her little brother and her dad walked up the street when the brave boy approached the girl who was with her dad to collect her number.

Surprisingly the father watched undisturbed as his daughter and the boy exchanged contacts.

After successfully getting the girl’s number even with her father there, the boy gave a “victory dance” as he went to join his friends who praised him for his bravery.

Watch video below ;

Most African fathers are known to be overprotective of their daughters, however, the father’s unusual calmness while the boy collected his daughter’s number has stirred reaction on social media.

A Facebook user @Betty Nikki Nettey wrote, “Dads are cool. He knows it is a man that will definitely marry his daughter so he has to give chance”.

Nana Osei wrote, “When a father can’t provide for his daughter he doesn’t have control over her, may God bless us with money so that our daughters never lack anything in this life.”

Cleopatra Budu wrote, “How will he know if she has given the father’s number to him”.


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