La Liga’s president somehow thinks Barcelona have a player better than Kylian Mbappe

Many Real Madrid fans already consider Kylian Mbappe to be a member of the club. Presumptuous? Perhaps.

But it’s not exactly as if Mbappe has made his desire to move to the Santiago Bernabeu a secret.

Even former Madrid and PSG player Jese Rodriguez stated that the Parisian always told people he dreamed of playing for Los Blancos.

So forgive us for being a little upset that La Liga’s current president, Javier Tebas, stated that Barcelona youngster Ansu Fati is as good or better (better!) than Mbappe.

While Tebas’ job is to try and make La Liga look good and boast about its star players, it’s obvious that Fati is not on Mbappe’s level.

Mbappe is a World Cup winner who scored 27 goals with 7 assists last season in his league and once had more than 30 goals in a league season for PSG.

This is the same Mbappe who absolutely embarrassed Barcelona in the Champions League last season. Gerard Pique is still having nightmares.

There is no doubt that Fati can be a great player one day, and he is already Barcelona’s biggest talent, even considering the quality of Pedri and the class of free-agent acquisition Memphis Depay.

Kylian Mbappe is a more well-rounded, consistent player than Ansu Fati

But when you look at the basic statistics, Fati still has work to do to even be anywhere near Mbappe’s level. 

The Spanish international is averaging 0.75 goals per 90 minutes in his career, but injuries have prevented him from bagging double-digit goals in a season to this point, Mbappe, on the other hand, is a guarantee to hit that number.

Beyond the goals, Fati really needs to work on the other aspects of his game. For example, he has one career assist in La Liga.

Meanwhile, Mbappe has at least five assists in each full season, including at least seven in five career seasons.

He already has seven assists in 2021-2022, meaning he is getting even better at this important skill! That’s something Madridistas will no doubt look forward to.

Tebas likes to try and make La Liga look strong in the media, but this attempt backfired and is disrespectful to both Mbappe and to the collective intelligence of football fans.

No Real Madrid fan would argue that they have a player better than Mbappe, and they have two attackers better than anyone on Barcelona: Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior. 

They are the two best players in the league, yet Madridistas would not try to compare them with Mbappe, even if it would be more reasonable to do so.

Mbappe would help La Liga a lot. His star power would be a new level for this league after losing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the last few years.

So you would think Tebas would be careful not to make disingenuous statements, at the risk of disrespecting the most valuable player in world football.

Fati is an excellent young player who will be world-class one day. Mbappe is already one of the top five players on the planet and has been for some time. There is no comparison.

Tebas would be better served focusing on highlighting other aspects that make La Liga a quality product, and, to be honest, doing a lot more as president to increase the appeal of this league.


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