Key Facts why Jose Mourinho will go down in history as a greater manager than Sir Alex Ferguson.

Jose Mourinho will go down in history as a greater manager than Manchester United’s legendary boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

“He’s a unique manager,” the former Crystal Palace owner said  on the White and Jordan show. “Arguably the greatest manager that we’ve seen. He’s won the league in Italy, he’s won the league in Portugal, he’s won the league in Spain, he’s the won the league in England.

He has a unique personality and some of it has an edge to it. His record stands against anybody and probably beyond most, with the exception of probably Pep (Guardiola).”

When asked about whether the 58 year old’s achievements trump those of Sir Alex, Jordan said they did because of the sheer number of clubs the former has been successful with.

“Ferguson got given five years to build a team- that would never have been given in another time,” Jordan continued. “It caught a wave on the fact that the Premier League then became what it became. If you look at the fact that he (Mourinho) has won the league with Real Madrid, he’s won the league with Inter Milan and an unfashionable Inter Milan without the same level of resource

He’s gone into Chelsea and turned them from what (Claudio) Ranieri was doing into something even more significant and dominating English football for a period of time, during the time that Ferguson was at Manchester United. He’s won more trophies than Ferguson, Ferguson talks about him in glowing terms. Do I think he’s a better manager across four clubs, four leagues than Ferguson? Yeah.

Do I think he’s a better manager in English football than Ferguson? No.”

In terms of silverware, both managers’ records are extremely impressive. Whilst Mourinho has won eight league titles across four different countries, as well as two Champions Leagues, Ferguson lifted sixteen top-flight titles in Scotland and England and triumphed in the Champions League twice

The same question was posed to former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy, who argued that it’s difficult to separate the pair’s glories.

“If you were talking about the best managers we’ve ever seen, they would be in the same conversation,” he said. “I think that’s very fair to say, for different reasons. It’s what you define as success in management. What Fergie did in regenerating a new squad and building team after team after team is a phenomenal achievement.

I would say what Mourinho achieved is incomparable.”

‘The Special One’ will be hoping to enjoy further success with Roma this season. They’ve enjoyed a superb start, winning all three matches and currently sit at the top of the Serie A table.


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