“It is irritating to see a married man help his wife cut vegetables” – Nigerian man writes.

A Nigerian man recently took to Facebook to spew stupidity about his disdain for men who assist their wives in the kitchen.

According to the man identified as Gentle Smile, he cannot imagine why a man will help his wife cut vegetables, despite the fact that he paid her bride price.

His post reads ;

Some married men are terrible ,how can you be cutting vegetables for a woman you married with your own money, pls is irritating

However, some men did not agree with his sentiment and they took to the comment section to school him.

Below are some reactions that trailed his post ;

Chidiebere John wrote ;

This is the result of nursing ur baby with cowbell instead of breast milk…Painfully, one innocent girl will be calling this poster my man…my love!

Buchi Enenwali wrote ;

Oh just cutting vegetables?, I go I the market, cook,wash, mop, sweep and even help her loose her hair. And yet I am not less a man.

Gabriel Oziegbe Okpoye wrote ;
Oh boy you are on your own here o. Is kitchen division of labor bad to hasten d readiness of the food? Sidon der Mr irritating make hunger gee you der


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