“If you want to date me, be ready to give me money for food, transport, everything” – (video)

A beautiful young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to send an important message to her aspiring suitors.

The lady in a video she shared on online stated that anyone who wants to date her would have to provide her with every of her needs.

She emphasized that she’s not an independent woman, hence her intending boyfriend must be ready to give her money for food, clothes, hair and even transport fare.

In her words,

“Boys listen up, if you want to date me be ready to give me money for food, money for transport, money for hair, money for clothes, money for everything. I’m not independent”.

Watch video below,

Meanwhile, a young lady took to her social media page to stir a debate as she revealed the one most emphasized rule in finding a woman who’s a wife material to a man.

@Princess_Jeny1 took to Twitter to reveal that a woman who insists on money first before coming to visit a man is not worthy to be in a relationship.

According to Princess Jeny, that type of woman won’t be able to add value to one’s life and so shouldn’t be taken seriously.


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