‘If he allows it, I’ll go and bring Messi back’: Dani Alves

During his presentation at Camp Nou, Dani Alves was asked whether he thought Leo Messi regretted not being at Barcelona.

“What can I say? If Messi allows me, I’ll go to him and bring him here.

Messi is the best player in history and the best colleague I’ve had, I have a great relationship with him, I miss him, it would be amazing if he returned,” the right-back told reporters.

“Messi remains Messi, one of the greatest players, but, unfortunately, he is not with us now. But he knows that I love him, and love his family. We are now in a new stage.

But I assure you, there is no better place than Barcelona.”

As a reminder, Leo had to leave Barca in August as the club could not afford his salary.

He has openly said that he wanted to stay and that he’d like to return to Camp Nou one day.

Since then, Dani Alves and Xavi have come back, two ex-partners with whom he had a great relationship both on and off the pitch.


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