I’d rather visit 4 countries in 2 weeks than feed 600 people at my wedding” — Photographer, Foye

Nigerian photographer, simply identified as Foye, has revealed that he would rather spend his money on travelling the world than feeding 600 guests at his wedding.

Foye took to Twitter share his thoughts about the Nigerian culture of having a big wedding with hundreds of guests.

According to him, he would rather visit 4 countries with the money budgeted for feeding, than spend it on guests that wouldn’t appreciate the meal.

He wrote,

“I will rather visit 4 countries in two weeks than feed 600 people at my wedding.
Honestly, wedding should be about sharing intimate moment together as new couples. Makes more sense to spend more exploring the world together than having 600 guests debate whether the jollof was spicy or not
People saying you can’t control no of guests at an African wedding. Says who? Fixing my wedding on a Monday”

See his tweets below,


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