“How’s that not a red?” – Chelsea fans react to nasty tackle on Andreas Christensen

Chelsea are well on top against Newcastle at St James’ Park, and the home team are doing all they can to slow us down.

It started with time wasting – from about the 20th minute onwards, and now it’s progressed to bad fouls.

Callum Wilson got away with a couple, and clearly sensing a lenient referee, the Magpies only ramped up the action. Isaac Hayden then slashed in on Andreas Christensen – it was a little forceful, a little high and a little late, but clearly not quite enough of any of them to warrant a red.

Fans on social media couldn’t believe he’d got away with it. “How’s that not a red?” asked one, and the sentiment was echoed across the Twittersphere.

They’ve got a few players walking tightropes now, but unless the referee actually bites the bullet and sends one off, that’s not much good to us.

You can see a selection of their reaction in the Tweets embedded here:

It was the hardest-to-watch Hayden / Christensen combination since The Phantom Menace. https://t.co/DGszScv1yT

— Will Faulks (@willfaulks) October 30, 2021

Bad tackle from Hayden. Christensen may struggle to see out the game.

— CFC-Blues ⭐️⭐️ (@CFCBlues_com) October 30, 2021

You’ve paid him off with your Saudi blood money. Hayden should have been off with a red.

— Comrade Lampard ⭐⭐ (@CommunistChels) October 30, 2021

Need someone to do me a favour and return that nasty tackle to Isaac Hayden

— Mina 🇸🇪 (@minamatloob) October 30, 2021

That should’ve defs been a red for isaac hayden on AC

— T⭐️⭐️J (@TheRealFutbolTJ) October 30, 2021


Chelsea didn’t make a lot of it, surprisingly. Only Azpilicueta on the bench was asking for a red card. #CFC #NEWCHE

— Nizaar Kinsella (@NizaarKinsella) October 30, 2021

Cesar Azpilicueta is calling for a red card for Isaac Hayden after a high challenge.#NEWCHE | #CFC | @ChelseaFC


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