How to satisfy your wife.

To satisfy your wife the normal style first

then take her to what we call the abstract concept

now what do you understand by abstract concept there’s a style of

punishment in enjoyment .

Sometimes you just need to punish her by hitting it very hard very very

hard and then take it to her mouth and leave it there for at least 30

minutes and after that turn the back side and give her the hottest part of


and when she thinks you’re tired you surprise her again by

changing to another abstract concept

you know you just create styles for yourself you really don’t need to

browse all you know disturb yourself on Google searching for different

styles just create your own Styles you know through your own how you

feel about what can satisfy you then you give her the hard work just make

her understand better enjoyment only ends here on earth so if

you want to enjoy yourself you take it to the extreme you catch real fun

with her don’t let young boys take your wife away from you you can do

what does young boys cannot do how is try your best and remember when

you are hitting your wife very very hard thank you.


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