How to overcome stage fright and be confident

If you want to overcome stage fright do this 3 things

the first one is that you need to prepare yourself very well whenever you’re

planning to do a performance or have a Showcase in a concert

rehearse over and over again

also make time to rest

when you come back again and make sure you rehearse until you get used

to your style of performance on stage

the second one is that you need to how to memorize your lyrics very well because onstage you don’t make mistakes everything has to be perfect

if your music or you are abmusician your audience never expect you to

miss your lyrics so you always need to cram your lyrics and make sure you

get used to your words and the way you pronounce them

Finally you really need to know who your audience are the kind of people that are coming to the show event.

where you perform on an endorsement show

where you just go to perform for mostly your fans and other people

then you know how to prepare for a show where your audience are

Dignitaries and celebrities.


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