How to purify and re-define your marriage and relationship

Marriage is not because you love but because you understand each other

well and is more of commitment, loyal, respect from both side, and taking

a full responsibility of any difficulties or hardship

Marriage is like been determined to watch a tv station for the rest of your

life, whether the programs are boring or interesting, you stay glue to the tv

station. The moment you try to change the channel, that is fornication.

Marriage is a union between matured minds, coming together to establish

their homes in the admonition of the Lord.

Marriage is an institution ordained by God. Where you get your certificate

before examination or studies. Is a Union u entered with the target of

breaking yourself down and remoulding yourself to suit your partner.

Marriage is a place you apologized on no offence, u become submissive

and bring down all egoism.

Marriage is when a woman decides to legally adopt a grown up man

whose parents can no longer contain and become a child to the man

without any personal interest.

Marriage is union between single male and single female, who are lonely

and emotionally in need of complementary partner for complete unity and

transparency as they both live together as husband and wife, to the

exclusion of others, till death do them part.


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