“He’s a world-Best goalkeeper” – Ben Chilwell praises Mendy and says ‘he does it every week

Chelsea beat Brentford 1-0 in the Premier League last night to keep their place on top of the table.

The three points and Chelsea still being on top of the league is of course all that matters at the end of the day, but the Blues were VERY lucky to even draw the game let alone win it.

Chelsea’s only shot on goal was from Ben Chilwell which of course found the net. Brentford had 7 shots on target and if it wasn’t for Edouard Mendy’s heroics in Chelsea’s goal, it would have been a different story.

Brentford also hit the post twice and were unlucky not to win this game.

But Chilwell was reflecting after the game and admits that Mendy bailed them out, but also says that he does it every week and refers to him as ‘a world-class goalkeeper.’

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The Senegal international is finally getting some major recognition and it is totally deserved.

“I’m happy to score a goal but I think we have got to thank Edou,” Chilwell told the Chelsea website following the 1-0 win.

“I don’t know how many saves he made but there were a lot of very important saves and he does it every week for us. He bails us out, whether it’s once or twice, or in this game on several occasions. He’s a world-class goalkeeper and is the one we’ve got to thank.

“It just gives you confidence when you know you’ve got someone like that behind you that comes to collect the ball from crosses, is a brilliant shot-stopper and good with his feet.

“We see it every day in training but now he’s getting the credit he deserves and in these sorts of games where he makes big saves, he gets us the three points in the end.”


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