Counselling:How to be a best friend to your mother-inlaw

Under no circumstances should a mother slap his grown up son or his wife.

peradventure she does, I would suggest they don’t retaliate because

our mothers are our mothers be it our biolgical mothers or mothers- in-law.

Slapping back is likely not the right solution,

but making sure that measures are being put in place to prevent the possibility of such occurrence in future.

The Lord grants us more understandings through his words in Jesus name, amen.

As long as I can never raise my hands and slap my own mummy back,

I still can’t slap my mum in-law back…she’s still my mummy

but everything still boils down to the way my hubby presents me to his family.

My advice to some mother in-laws is that we should take things easy with our daughter in-laws,

don’t raise your hand on your daughter in-laws, learn how to control your temper.

even when your son come back just say nothing but the truth don’t add salt or Maggi.

lastly always remember that your own daughters are in someone’s house, if their mother in-laws slap them how will you feel.

As for daughter in-laws behave yourself, if you know that thing that you will not do to your mother don’t do it to your mother in-law.

cos as your mother is precious to you so is your mother in-law precious to your husband and his siblings.

again always remember that one day you will become mother in-law and………..

As for husbands it is not easy, it takes the grace of God to handle two matured women.

so in this case don’t just jump on your mother just to please your wife, or jump on your wife to please your mother.

always apply wisdom,

firstly allow the hot food to cool, i mean allow their temper to cool before you interfere.

secondly don’t shout at your mother in front of your wife even if she is wrong.

so also don’t shout at your wife in front of your mother even if she is wrong.

settle things amicably,

lastly always pray for spirit of designmeant,

and more importantly pray for God’s grace to handle your home without offending any of this two important women.

the lord is your strength as a husband, husband to be, including my future husband, i rest my case.


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