Conor Gallagher explains how he defied his manager’s instructions to score against Manchester City

Chelsea’s academy continues to produce talent, and some of these talents are out there on loan helping Chelsea even though they aren’t playing for them.

Conor Gallagher is the main man right now, and yesterday he helped Chelsea by scoring a goal against their title rivals Manchester City to beat them 2-0.

The midfielder is having a great season so far at Crystal Palace and he is really making a name for himself.

Some even say that if he carries on this form he will be physically forcing his way into Thomas Tuchel’s plans for next season.

Chelsea have an immense squad, but Gallagher is out there really showing what he can do right now.

But his goal yesterday was actually against his manager’s instructions, as Gallagher himself explained after the game.

“I should not have even been in the box,” he explained .

“The boss told me to sit in, but I just had a feeling I could get a chance, and thankfully I was able to finish it.

“When you come to Manchester City you naturally defend more and work a little bit harder. We were brilliant defensively.”

It was a great victory for Palace and a great game for Gallagher. But most of all, it was a double victory for Chelsea!


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