Chelsea fans sends warning message to Barcelona compares Xavi’s appointment to Lampard

Xavi officially signed his contract as Barcelona manager on Monday amidst a lot of fanfare at Camp Nou.

Meanwhile, fans of other clubs are already smarting with jealousy. Like Chelsea, for instance

Some Chelsea fans on Twitter believe Xavi will fail the same way their ex-midfielder Frank Lampard failed when the Blues made him manager just before the pandemic hit.

“Xavi at Barcelona will just be like Frank Lampard at Chelsea. They shouldn’t have sacked Koeman tbh”

“There wouldn’t be any difference between Xavi at Barcelona and Lampard at Chelsea”

“I just feel like this will end badly for both Barcelona and Xavi.

Lampard at Chelsea, Pirlo at Juventus, Solskjær at United have all gone badly and all used to disguise the faults of those at the top.

Could be the same here, even more so with how Barca are at the moment.”

“Xavi becoming the new Barcelona manager is sort like when Chelsea welcomed back Frank Lampard.

“There’s issues to solve but you need a feel-good appointment that helps steady the boat a bit. Lamps was a short term thing, but Xavi might be there for a while if it works out.”

Some of these fans seem to forget that Pep Guardiola, also an ex-Barca midfielder won 14 trophies in 4 years as Barca gaffer


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