Chelsea fans deliver shock verdict that will upset Thomas Tuchel despite Champions League win

Chelsea fans on the whole believe that the 2007/08 Blues side would defeat last season’s Champions League-winning side if the two would have ever faced off against each other,

therefore implying that Avram Grant’s and Jose Mourinho’s team is the better of the two.

That verdict that will come as some shock to Thomas Tuchel, especially considering his side won the biggest of accolades on the continent last season whilst the 07/08 team didn’t win anything in that specific season.

Yes, player for player, it could be argued that the 07/08 team on paper is overall better in quality, with the likes of Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, John Terry and Petr Cech composing the spine of that team.

On the contrary, football is a team game and as a team, the 2021/22 Blues outfit won major silverware whilst the 07/08 side were second best in the League Cup and UEFA Champions League .

Furthermore, based on silverware alone, surely that would make the latter of the two aforementioned sides more likely to win if they would have ever hypothetically faced off against each other due to the winning mentality that Tuchel has instilled in the more recent team.

The manager of the XI from the last decade, Avram Grant, was eventually sacked in 2008 by Roman Abramovich due to the lack of silverware that his current counterpart Tuchel has already provided to the Russian owner.

Here’s how a selection of Chelsea fans on Reddit reacted to this specific question- comparing the two teams in question during this social media discussion.

Finally, @htotheh struggled in his assessment: ‘Man, this is hard.

‘Different styles of play since the league has adapted through the years.

‘My gut says 2008 due to all the legends and how strong they were all season, though they didn’t win a single trophy which is still a shock.

@Fawkes_91 made a similar point to @Nevinhooo regarding the manager situation: ‘Yeah, but on the flip side the current team has Tuchel making in-game adjustments while the 07/08 one has Grant. Now, with Mourinho in charge of that team, they probably win.’

@Jameson_43 delivered his damning indictment of the 2020/21 side: ‘I don’t think we score on that 07/08 team. And I trust Drogba with a 88’ header


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