Chelsea fans and Arsenal fans reacted to Willian’s reaction to Chelsea 2-0 win over Spurs

He’s at it again’ –

Chelsea are back to winning ways after beating Spurs 2-0 at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

However, it was a huge win for Chelsea as the Blues looks forward to pick back form after Struggling in recent games.

Meanwhile, The Blues win over Tottenham was celebrated by fans around the world, including one former Chelsea player Willian

Fans spotted Willian replying to the post in the club’s official Instagram account after the final whistle – and he spoke the objective truth:

The irony, of course, is that he spent the previous season at another London club – although Arsenal would probably prefer to forget that spell.

In any case, the situation is quite hilarious for the Blues’ fans on Reddit who also remember Willian snubbing Spurs before landing at Stamford Bridge, as well as his history with Antonio Conte.

Below are the fans reactions..

TheyCallMeOlSwole: “Agent Willian. I hear he’s no fan of Tottenham.”

TopDrilla10: “Stole a living off a certain North London club and turned down the other at the last minute. He really does hate North London.”

Rushdie1: “Might just be his daughter again, kid’s got an agenda against Conte “

ParevArev: “Agent Willian at it again”

wright789987: “Arsenal fans ranting.”

looeeyeah: “He must be happy to see Chelsea beat Conte!”


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