Casemiro compares himself to Chelsea player N’Golo Kante, shares opinion on Busquets

“Kante or me? I prefer you to answer that question, but I’d remember that Kante, although a wonderful player, plays in a different position and Chelsea’s defensive midfielder is Jorginho,” Casemiro has told Marca.

“Also remember the other top players in my role, like Busquets and Fabinho.

I’m happy just being mentioned as one of the best,” the Brazilian added

Quite a smart reply from one of Real Madrid’s best players of the past years.

N’Golo Kante’s tackling is exceptional, but he’s more of a box-to-box midfielder for Chelsea.

Jorginho, in turn, is a defensive midfielder who acts as a deep-lying playmaker.

And of course, it’s cool that Casemiro admires a player like Sergio Busquets


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