Barcelona president addresses sack alleged rift with Koeman.

Earlier this week, the internal politics of FC Barcelona heated up after Ronald Koeman’s open criticism of President Joan Laporta.

The Dutchman did not hesitate to speak out his feelings when given the opportunity, and some statements started firecrackers within the Catalan board.

The Barcelona manager said that he did not approve of Laporta’s ideology that the coach doesn’t have all the power. He also stated that it was due to him that the club had a future.

However, despite the reports of a rift between the president and the manager, both Sergio Busquets and Ronald Koeman openly denied any such unsettlement in the pre match press conference ahead of the Bayern Munich clash.

Earlier today, Joan Laporta too was asked to comment on the situation. The Spaniard said that he has a clear positive relationship with the manager and blatantly denied any misunderstandings.

“We have a good relationship with Koeman. I get along very well with him. I like him a lot, and I trust him. Our relationship is good.

“You don’t have to look for anything else, we have confidence in the coach, he has our support, and we respect him,” said Laporta.

The Spanish Businessman was also asked if Koeman would be sacked if he loses against Bayern Munich later in the day.

The question was situation-appropriate, as Barcelona’s previous manager too was sacked after a humiliating defeat against the same opposition. Moreover, there were reports of Laporta looking to replace the Dutchman early in the season.

To this question, however, the club president had a firm and direct response in the negative: “No, he won’t.”

Even though the Barcelona – Bayern clash is not a knockout game, the result will be crucial in deciding the ongoing politics between the coach and President of the Catalan club.


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