Barcelona is ahead of PSG, Real Madrid in UEFA’s latest club rankings

Barcelona are surprising among the top 5 highest rated clubs in Europe, according to UEFA’s latest coefficient rankings.

The ranking depicts the best clubs in Europe based on their performance in the Champions League.

PSG overtook Real Madrid after they beat Manchester City while Real Madrid dropped to 7th after losing to lowly Moldovan side Sheriff.

Meanwhile, Barcelona who lost their opening two Champions League games this season remains in a decent position.

Here are the top 10 clubs based on UEFA coefficient rankings:

1. Bayern Munich – 120,000 points

2. Manchester City – 113,000 points

3. Liverpool – 109,000 points

4. Chelsea – 104,000 points

5. Barcelona – 103,000 points

6. PSG – 100,000 points

7. Real Madrid – 100,000 points

8. Juventus – 95,000 points

9. Atletico Madrid – 93,000 points

10. Manchester United – 93,000 points


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