4 thing’s that attract men to ladies

Ok 4 things that attract men mostly to

pretty girls is what we’re going to talk about today

I really know every man has triggers that you know which triggers


The back side trigger another man while the front side will trigger another man

really there are four basic things that attract men no matter how they are

first one is a complexion most men prefer women why today bleaching cream is expensive in the market

Girls don’t want to be black no more they just want to fair overnight

some men attracted to your big behind so most girls that have this flat

behind do whatever it takes

the workout ,sit up, visit the gym regularly just to impress young

handsome and wealthy men

the third point is your fluency

if you’re fluent in your choice of language or official language

I get attracted to women that can really speak very well

women that can express themselves in the public

if you cannot Express Yourself there’s no way you can attract such man

beauty every man wants to be with a beautiful attractive and Pretty Woman

while no woman wants to look ugly

before a woman leaves home the try to make up

they try to do everything they can to look very good which is a good point for them to attract so you need to find out your selling point .

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