Why Chelsea would want £70m for 22-year-old if they were to sell him, also set £45m asking price for his teammate

Chelsea would reportedly expect the money they shipped out for three expensive singings to be returned in full if they were ever to be sold.

The sum of Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Romelu Lukaku’s lavish price tags must be matched by possible future suitors to satisfy the Stamford Bridge chain of command.

Southampton are desperate to keep Broja permanently, following his excellent contribution this season on-loan from the European champions.

However, Chelsea continue to keep the Saints sweating over their accessibility to the striker.

The Blues still have to choose whether or not they want to incorporate Broja into their long-term plans.

Selling to the Saints

If they decide the 20-year-old is not suitable for the project, they will certainly strike up a conversation with the south coast club.

One that might include a £20m deal, with a buy-back clause, similar to one they included in the sale of Tino Livramento to Southampton last summer.

Although the idea of reclaiming the two Cobham graduates once they’ve fully flourished sounds sensible, financially it makes little sense.

Why spend more money on two talents that were available for absolutely nothing just a few months ago?

Especially after Roman Abramovich opened up his cheque book and scribbled some big numbers to acquire three individuals who have done relatively little to justify their fees.

Banking on the Blues

Lukaku (£97. 5m.), Havertz (£71m) and Werner (£45m) showed such class before their moves to Chelsea, yet have since failed to replicate in a blue jersey.

In the Premier League this term, the offensive trio have scored eight goals combined.

Meanwhile, Broja has netted five on his own for Southampton.

There is a fine argument to be made for the Albanian’s inclusion in Thomas Tuchel’s team ahead of the other attackers.

For that to happen, however, one of Lukaku, Havertz and Werner may have to be sold.

As Abramovich is not a stickler for wasted investment, the owner would most likely ask any interested parties to cough up the same coppers he did.

Havertz is arguably the safest of the three, considering his age (22) and the fact he has the Champions League-winning goal in the bank.

For all we know, Broja might join the band of merry Chelsea men, with relatively no loss in profit required.

However, it seems some money will be lost one way or another in this situation.


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