‘It surprised me’: Messi talks Dani Alves’ Barca comeback

'It surprised me': Messi talks Dani Alves' Barca comeback

“The truth is that his comeback surprised me, especially at the moment,” Leo Messi has said to Marca when asked about Dani Alves’ Barca comeback.

I think it can be a good addition, just as in the case of Xavi it ​​can be important for young players.

He is going to help them grow because he is a born winner and transmits a lot. He will do it with youngsters both during games and in training.

“He is also going to contribute a lot off the pitch with his daily work, commitment and the desire that he always has to win,” the Argentine also said.

Dani Alves will be the lowest-paid player in the squad, earning the minimum allowed salary in La Liga’s top flight – this gesture will help Barca register him without any problems.

The 38-year-old will only be able to play for the Catalans starting from January. He signed a deal until July 2022


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